How it works

How it works

How can we help you?

We get your credit reports and scores, then take care of your credit repair process from start to finish.

Review Reports

We obtain your credit reports and build a plan addressing the negative items that affect your credit score.

Consult and Educate

We show you how to rebuild your credit and teach you techniques to continue building positive credit and keep your credit score high.

Repair and Restore

We challenge your negative items, ensure your credit reports are accurate and fair, and ultimately raise your credit score.

Live out your Goals and Dreams

We continue to watch your credit and help you stay on track, so you can reach your credit goals and financial success.

The 7 Credit Groove Steps

Become a Client

Stevens Wealth Solutions

Restoration of Generational Wealth

We want to get to know you, but first you should get to know us!

We are a family-owned and operated Credit Repair company. Our goal is to help you achieve financial success and reach your credit goals.

Our 7 phase process is guaranteed to help
you get your credit back on TRACK and back
in the GROOVE!

This system is exclisive to Stevens Wealth Solutions
VIP clients to help them not only with their credit
and finances but also with their Faith, Family and
Generational Wealth.

Get Your Credit Back On TRACK & Back In The GROOVE!

1. The Credit Mindset
2. The Credit Budget
3. The Credit Manager
4. Turning Credit Into Assets
5. The Stevens Credit Shuffle
6. The Dixon Credit Leverage
7. The Credit Legacy

Improve your credit and that will improve your life
and that is “The Credit”.