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  • FREE credit consultation
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The following items are a MUST for successful consultation.

A copy of your credit reports. (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax)

Email to jdixon@stevenswealthsolutions.com

This is what your FREE 20 minutes consultation will cover:

  • In-Depth Credit Analysis
  • What Makes Up A Credit Score
  • What is a FICO Credit Score
  • How we can help improve your credit score
  • Credit Recommendations

Becoming a Client is to help fulfill your financial dreams.

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Becoming a Client!

To Become a Client you will need:

  • Email Address
  • Stevens Wealth Solutions Portal Access
  • Credit Monitering Service
  • Copy of a current unityly bill with your current address
  • Proof of Current Address
  • Copy of your State Drivers License, State ID Card or Military ID.
  • Copy of your Social Security Card

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Our Services

Credit Repair

Bad credit can really make your life difficult. When you need credit repair, reach out to Stevens Wealth Solutions, LLC. We’ll guide you through the process of cleaning up your credit and improving your score.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Report Monitoring Services In an economy centered on credit, regular credit monitoring is the key to effective financial management. Contrary to common notion...

Credit Restoration

Let us restore your credit. Be successful at building good credit and establishing financial stability. Empowering individuals to take advantage of the power of credit.

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We Are Here to Help!

We are experts in helping remove the inaccurate or unfair negative items listed on your credit report.

Bankruptcy: Get help rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy and get your financial life back on track.

Foreclosure: We ensure you have the best chance of removing an inaccurate foreclosure from your credit report.

Late Payment: Get professional guidance in removing late payments that bring your credit score down.

Excessive Inquiries: We take steps to dispute and remove problematic hard inquiries to raise your credit score.

Judgments: We offer assistance in understanding and removing unfair judgements that affect your credit.

Collections: We assist you in negotiations for collection removal and filing disputes to reach financial security.

Repossessions: Get help removing repossessions from your report and start rebuilding your credit.

Charge-Offs: We’ll help navigate charge-off removals from your credit report and back on the right course.

Free Credit Education