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  • Will teach you about the consumer laws and financial literacy
  • We Teach you about Consumer Laws and how you can use it to build generational wealth.
  • We have created multiple digital courses where you will have access to them in minutes, that will kick start your education.
  • You will be surrounded by like-minded people who will support you throughout your journey!
  • We’re building a company culture of radical inclusivity and absolute equity. To do this, our actions and achievements stem from our 10 company core values.

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  • We are customer-focused, which means genuinely putting the customer first. It means making decisions based on evidence of customer behavior, not opinion or ego. 
  • We are constantly gathering feedback from our customers and data about their behavior and results. We use that feedback and data to make our customer’s lives better. 
  • We show empathy to our customers, relate to them as individuals, not just numbers on support tickets or ad clicks.
  • We proactively listen to customers’ problems and find solutions, instead of assuming what their problem might be.

Our Services


We exist to empower consumers across the United States to interpret and regain their power by becoming educated consumers and in doing so.

we help everyday consumers and business owners become their own credit heroes, through consumer law education.


Our mission is to provide you with the information and resources you need to empower yourself and we want to give you an exclusive experience.

Our online education portal offers comprehensive video lessons, articles, and resources.


Our students and mentees are a group of people who are passionate about learning more about consumer laws and activating their rights in order to achieve their financial goals.

Will teach you about the consumer laws and financial literacy.

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Our Pledge To Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe in CHANGING LIVES and that starts right here in the workplace with radical inclusivity and absolute equity! 

Our approach to hiring and working as a global team relies on valuing every individual for who they are, their belief in our movement, and their zone of genius superpowers! 

We do this through total transparency, gained trust, and autonomy. 

This results in our ability to thrive effortlessly together as we belong to a culture that empowers team members and changes lives.

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